We need creativity for innovation!

We offer education, training and guidance that transforms your organization from the inside into a creative incubator.

Society needs creativity more than ever. Organizations need creativity more than ever. We will face major challenges in the coming decades. Old systems, services and products are no longer sufficient. There is a need for renewal and innovation. This requires a culture in which new ideas are given space, in which employees are creative and flexible and in which teams learn by experimenting.

Creativity, innovation and ideation: these are the skills of the future.

Huis van Vernieuwing is your #1 partner for achieving a creative organizational culture. We help you today, to be ready for tomorrow.

Creative Changemakers Class

Forerunners are needed for a creative and innovative working climate.

The Creative Changemakers Class is a unique development trajectory, focused on personal leadership and business creativity.

You will be challenged to break old patterns, learn to deal with resistance and you will be given tools to use creativity in business.

Creative strategy sessions

Organizations have quite a few challenges on their plate. Big questions for the future, to which there is as yet no good answer.

Many teams would like to think outside the box more often, but fall back into familiar patterns.

The known way leads to known solutions. That is why we work through creative ways: in a design sprint, creative hackathon or tailor-made session(s).

Chaos in de Orde

Problemsolving and critical thinking quickly disappear when you are swallowed up by the small chores of everyday business and all the processes, procedures and rules in an organization.

Sometimes it is necessary to be shaken up a bit.

That is why there is Chaos in de Orde: inspiration for organizational innovators. We make a podcast and organize an annual work festival. (In Dutch)

You are in good company!

We help organizations around the globe to solve their communication challenges

We like to work visually!

We believe that organizations who work on a creative culture should also pay attention to appealing communication. Stop informing, start inspiring.

Business drawings give a serious message a playful form, which appeals to many people. And visual communication has proven to be effective: the combination of drawings and text make sure message is processed faster and will be remembered longer.

During our sessions we like to make use of the sketchers of House of imagination to visually capture the process and the output. A unique approach. Saying more in less words: that’s what we do! With business drawings.